It is well known that one of the most effective ways of learning a second language is through continual, repetitive usage. Yet many students, either because they have no chance to speak, or are simply afraid to speak, are unable to use this method to gain proficiency in the language that they are currently learning.

In order to help students overcome these difficulties, NTU Chinese has created a revolutionary new online Chinese instructional software specifically aimed at giving the student ample opportunity to practice both his listening and speaking skill sets. The student, in a time and place of his own choosing, will listen to, and copy spoken Chinese in its most “local” usage, but most “proper” pronunciation. 

Yet NTU Chinese is much more than just an online software allowing the student to speak and listen to Chinese. Using a unique and award-winning technology, NTU Chinese analyzes the student’s Chinese speech according to pronunciation, pitch, timing and emphasis, and pinpoints problems down to individual sounds. After the student speaks, he receives a score and specific feedback on how to improve. Whether he or she is a beginner or an advanced learner, the feedback the student receives from NTU Chinese is priceless.