NTU Chinese’s breakthrough Chinese Speech Analysis Technology doesn't expect the student to read sound waves, nor is it a simple speech recognition system. Other systems can only tell you that you are speaking incorrectly. NTU Chinese does much more. NTU Chinese is unique because it tells the student exactly which word and even which sound (phoneme) he is having trouble with, and how to correct the problem. NTU Chinese, just like a live tutor, gives the student the one-on-one feedback he or she needs to improve, but unlike a live tutor, NTU Chinese is ready to help the student at any time or place.


NTU Chinese's evaluative functions are based on four key elements: pronunciation, pitch, timing and emphasis. Focusing on these four elements will improve the student’s accent and speaking style. Every time the student talks, he is assigned a grade for each of the four categories. The scores are given in order to help the student understand the current level of his speaking ability and let him know when he is improving and where he stills need to improve. As the student continues to use NTU Chinese, his scores will be recorded by NTU Chinese allowing him to track his results and progress.

  The material used in NTU Chinese, designed by teachers with years of experience in teaching Chinese as a second language to foreigners, allows the student, while improving his accent and speaking style, to, at the same time, grasp the use of communicative functions (i.e., greetings, inquires, explanations, praise, etc) in Chinese. By creating situational models and teaching the student differing methods of response depending on the who is talking, what is being talked about, or what the student would like the express (i.e., praise, regret, greetings, etc), NTU Chinese teaches the student a language framework which is simple and systematic enough to be learned quickly, but flexible enough to allow to student to adapt to any situation where spoken Chinese is required. While studying, the student is free to either choose the situation and communicative function he would like to study, or can follow the course as it is laid out. Either way, they student will find that NTU Chinese the most efficient way to achieve a solid foundation in Chinese.