1.How come I cannot record?  

First, please try to record using Windows' built-in recording utility. Go to Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> Entertainment -> Sound Recorder. This will verify if the recording function is working normally.

If it is not working, please check the Windows Volume Control panel to see if the microphone is properly selected. For example, in Microsoft Windows Millennium, you can double click the speaker icon in the bottom right corner of the taskbar on the desktop to open the Windows Volume Control panel (Figure 1), or you can open the panel through Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> Entertainment -> Volume Control. Once the panel is opened, go to Options -> Properties in the menu bar (Figure 2), and click the "Recording" radio button in the "Adjust Volume For" box. Next, check the "Microphone" checkbox in the "Show the following volume controls" box, and click the "OK" button to exit (Figure 3). Then, on the Recording Control panel, click the "Select" checkbox at the bottom of the "Microphone" section. Also adjust the volume of the microphone to an appropriate level.

Next, please verify that the driver for your audio card is properly installed and not conflicting with other devices.

Finally, please verify if your audio equipment is set up properly. For example, check if your microphone and headset are connected properly. Usually, the green jack connector in the back of a desktop computer (or on the sides of a notebook) is labelled "Audio Out", and should be connected to the headset, whereas the red or pink jack connector is labelled "Mic In" and should be connected to the microphone. If "Audio Out" and "Mic In" cannot be distinguished by their colors or labels, please consult your computer's manual.

Please note that some headsets have their own volume controls that need to be switched on and adjusted to the appropriate volume.

  2. How come I failed to record even after following the steps in Question 1?  
  There are some multimedia applications (e.g. RealOne Player from RealNetworks) that attempt to change the settings of recording functions and cause recording failure in other applications. Please close other audio applications when using MyCT.  
  3.How come my score is always low?  
  Please try to adjust the distance of the microphone from your mouth and adjust your speaking volume to be similar to that of the teacher's. Volume that is too low or too high, or a noisy recording environment will put you to a disadvantage in MyCT's scoring process. For more details, please consult "Pronunciation Tips" in MyCT's online help.  
  4. Does MyCT require a special microphone?  
  No. MyCT can be used with most of the microphones on the market. If you find a microphone that is not supported by MyCT, please contact us via phone or email us at
  5.How come the phonemes in MyCT differ from phonemes found in a dictionary?  
  MyCT's phonemes are determined according to teacher's specific pronunciation. Different accents and speech styles that are often observed in normal conversation can cause the difference in phonemes.  
  6.How come I always hear "Ssss~~" noise in my headset?  
  Go to Windows Volume Control Panel -> Options -> Properties, and click the "Playback" radio button and click "OK". In the Volume Control panel shown, select the "Mute" checkbox for the microphone. If the situation has not improved, the sound may be caused by noise in your computer's internal hardware or compatibility issues among audio equipment. Please try to upgrade / replace the MyCT-related audio equipment (e.g. sound card or CD-ROM).  
  7.How come my headset and microphone's volume are always low?  
  This is usually caused by incompatibility between the microphone and other audio equipment or other internal computer hardware. Please contact the associated hardware manufacturer or replace the audio equipment. In addition, some audio equipment include their own control driver / software. Please try to adjust the related driver / software; for example, the microphone amplifier.  
  8.Why do I need to restart the computer after installing MyCT?  
  You must restart your computer because the Microsoft Installer needs to perform some configuration activities on the first installation.  
  9.How come I can see the teacher and student's wave diagram but cannot hear any sound?  
Go to Windows Volume Control Panel -> Options -> Properties, and click the "Playback" radio button and click "OK". In the Volume Control panel shown, please check the if "Volume Control" or "Wave" have been turned down or muted. Please uncheck the "Mute" checkbox or turn up the volume.
  10.How do I hear my voice while recording?  
Please uncheck the "Mute" checkbox in the microphone section of Windows Volume Control panel.
  11.How come MyCT always prompts me with, "Sorry, MyCT was unable to record your voice. Please move the microphone slightly closer to your mouth, then try again, this time speaking a little more loudly"?  
Please uncheck the "Mute" checkbox in the microphone section of Windows Volume Control or turn up the volume of the microphone.
  12.How come MyCT shows the error message, "File not found. Please contact MyCT's technical support," when I select certain sentences in a lesson?  
  Please click the "refresh" button on the toolbar (or press F5) on the lesson page and select the sentence again. If problem still persists, please contact us via phone or email to  
  13.Since MyCT connects to a server at L Labs Inc., are there any Internet security concerns?
  The Internet protocol used by MyCT is exactly the same as normal Web communication protocol. Therefore, MyCT can be used as long as your computer can be connected to the World Wide Web. Consequently, the security level of MyCT is exactly the same as that of connecting to the Web. If you do not have security concerns when connecting to the World Wide Web, you needn't have any security concerns about using MyCT.  
  14.When I replace my computer's audio equipment, do I need to run the Sound Check Wizard again?
  Yes. In order to get the best speech analysis, please run the Sound Check Wizard to test the recording environment whenever you replace audio equipment related to MyCT (e.g. microphone, sound card).  
  15.My playback quality is always poor; how do I improve the playback quality?
  Please try to record a sound segment with Windows' built-in recording utility. If the resulting recording is poor, we suggest that you update the associated Windows driver or use the latest driver from the audio equipment manufacturer. If the problem persists, please replace the audio equipment.  
  16.How come I cannot connect to the MyCT homepage?  
Please click the "refresh" button (or press F5) on MyCT's toolbar and verify that MyCT's Internet connection is working normally, such that you can see the lesson web pages. If not, please try step II.
Please open the IE browser manually and try to connect to the website. If your computer or corporate network employs a firewall system, please verify that you have the right to access external web pages. If you cannot connect or see the content of the MyCT website, please try step III.
If the web page is blank, please close MyCT and check the security setting in your IE browser. If the security level has been set to "High", please adjust the default value to "Medium" security and open MyCT again. If you are using IE 6.0 or above, you will need to set both the Security and Privacy settings to "Medium". You can set the security and privacy levels by going to "Tools / Internet Options / Security" tab in the IE toolbar.
  17.How come when I press the "Play" button at the top of the lesson, I do not hear any sound and instead an error message with the code "-1072885581" is shown?
  Please upgrade your Windows Media Player to v9.x or above. Go to the toolbar -> Help -> Check for Player Upgrade. If the problem still persists, please open Windows Media Player. In the Windows Media Player, go to the toolbar Tools -> Option -> Player tab -> check the "Connect to the Internet (overrides other commands)" checkbox and click the "OK" button. Open MyCT again and see if problem is solved.  
  18.When I login to MyCT, how come it always prompts me with, "Sorry, you are already logged in at another location. To login here, please log out of the other location. If you believe that your login name has been stolen, please contact MyCT customer services"?
  This may be caused by previous attempts to shut down MyCT inappropriately. For example, crashes or power outages on your computer may cause MyCT to fail to follow the normal steps to log out your account. As a result, the system may mistakenly have you registered as using the same account on two different computers at the same time. If you wait for 30 minutes, the system will automatically resolve the status so that you can re-login or please contact our customer support directly.